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Illuminate Sweat

The Perfect Workout

Are you ready for real results? Come See why we are the only workout that's worth the sweat! 

60-minute Sessions

Fat Burning cardio

Lean muscle training

metabolism boosting workouts

heart rate monitor efficiency

1-on-1 Diet & Nutrition guidance 
Lasting results


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The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Illuminate Sweat was designed to give you the results of personal training in the exciting environment of a group setting.

Just getting started, worked out your entire life, or changing your fitness routine?

if you're someone who's looking for a fitness center in Houston, tx and looking for a gym in katy, tx, Illuminate Sweat will help you reach your maximum potential by focusing on the correct form, pushing you to your personal best, and having fun while doing it!


While combining isolated strength training with heart rate monitor controlled HIIT cardio.


Our workouts uniquely target fat-burning zones along with muscle preservation..... no more overtraining or cardio-blasting your muscles away.


Get that lean and Beautiful body you've always wanted by training correctly!


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