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This is the foundational program design that we call The Perfect Workout in an Hour!
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  • DURATION: 60 Minutes
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This is the foundational program design that we call The Perfect Workout in an Hour! This program is consistent across the class structure of the day.

This signature program consists of 4–10-minute heart rate monitored rounds.

  • Round 1 utilizes an impact-resistant treadmill where you will be given cues on when to speed up or slow down that is controlled by your heart rate. So, it is taken at your own pace. There is a short transition to the floor group that has aerobic steps, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, bands, and sliders. Usually, there are about 3-4 workouts on the board, that we explain between every round, and do those workouts for 10 minutes. Focusing more on form and technique rather than how much weight we move. We encourage progressions so if you feel comfortable with the weight you are using, feel free to progress!

  • Round 3 is our next round of cardio where you can choose from a rower, bike, or skierg to use for zones in our third 10-minute round.

  • Our last and final round is our Rack Group! On our final round, we get to use our barbells, bumper plates, landmines, and pull-up bars for a little more complex exercise. This is something we take a lot of pride in here at Illuminate Sweat and something I think you will really enjoy!

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