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8 Week Challenge

A phenomenal program that teaches discipline and accountability with weekly check-ins. Fully detailed and personalized plans are set up after consultation.

  • Unlimited Membership

  • Fully detailed plans

  • Personalized for your life

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Accountability grading scale

  • 3 classes a week required

  • InBody Scan included

$99 enrollment includes your consultation and InBody

$299 a month for 2 months includes unlimited membership and weekly diet adjustments with an accountability grading scale that you grade yourself. Every week you will grade yourself on your discipline in your diet and effort in class.

6/mo Basic Membership

  • 2 classes a week or 8 sessions a month

  • Fitness consultation

  • InBody test

  • Nutrition and supplementation suggestions

Perfect program for supplemented another program

$99 enrollment includes consultation and heart rate monitor

$149/mo w no taxes includes 8 sessions/mo

6 month VIP Membership

  • Unlimited classes

  • Fully detailed nutrition program

  • Fitness consultation

  • InBody testing

  • Supplementation suggestions

$99 enrollment includes heart rate monitor and consultation

$189/mo w no taxes